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Discover CenturyLink Internet: Speed, Solutions and Savings

Today you need high speed Internet for practically everything. With it, you can stay connected, shop, access unlimited information, work, take care of daily tasks and even be entertained all from the convenience of your own home. However, without a consistent high speed connection, even doing any of these activities online is an exercise in frustration as you wait on connections and downloads.

CenturyLink Internet is a cutting edge high speed Internet service provider that currently connects over 3 million American homes to the Internet. The company began life providing telephone services in 1968 and has changed names several times since. Today it has a diverse line of services including high speed Internet, landline phone service, Internet hosting and more. With decades of experience in telecommunications, CenturyLink is the solution more and more users nationwide are turning to.

CenturyLink Internet: Meeting The Need For Reliable Fast Internet

As one of the leading high speed Internet providers in the country, CenturyLink Internet is committed to bringing the latest and best in technology to the people it serves. Internet users throughout the country have a wide range of differing needs from their Internet service. CenturyLink Internet delivers the kind of consistent speed necessary to do work, social networking, communicating and finding the answer to just about everything online.

CenturyLink Internet meets the needs of Americans who want high speed Internet. Easy installation that you can do yourself makes it easy to get started with CenturyLink. Depending on where you live, speeds are as high as 40 Mbps for downloading and 5 Mbps for uploading. Plans as low as $39.95 per month makes the service affordable enough for practically every budget.

CenturyLink takes advantage of a wide variety of different technologies to ensure you are offered the very best high speed Internet available in your area. In the 37 states served by CenturyLink, it uses a combination of DSL, fiber options and more, so the best service is yours.

Get Advantages That Can't Be Beat

In addition to features like do -it-yourself installation and always-on consistent speed, there are so many more advantages you get with CenturyLink service:

  • A 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Online security, thanks to backups and virus protection
  • Top notch, always available customer service
  • Anytime access to your account online.

CenturyLink Internet is Growing

Striving to always remain competitive and offer the very best in high speed Internet throughout the country, CenturyLink Internet is also growing with acquisitions of other providers. In 2009, it acquired Embarq, a regional provider of Internet and phone services. In 2011, a merger also made Qwest Internet a part of CenturyLink Internet. Former Quest Internet and Embarq customers now get all the benefits of high quality, dependable CenturyLink service.

Experience a whole new, better high speed Internet option now with CenturyLink. Call today to find out how to get started.