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Discover CenturyLink Internet in Washington and Get Real Internet Speed

CenturyLink Internet in Washington connects you to the Internet with the kind of speed you need to do so much more than you ever could before. CenturyLink provides service to most parts of the United Washingtons, ensuring that those who want high speed Internet have options. Take a closer look at the exciting choices that CenturyLink offers for service and price that beat the competition hands down.

With CenturyLink Internet in Washington you get the kind of high speed Internet that you have always wanted. Download speeds as fast as 40Mbps and upload speeds as fast as 5 Mbps means that you keep up with anything the Internet has to offer.

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High Speed Internet and Phone Service Go Great Together

Get CenturyLink Internet in Washington and you get to choose from three different plans, so no matter what you want to do online, how often you use the Internet or what your budget is, CenturyLink has the solution for you. While you don't need a home phone line to get CenturyLink service, we also offer a great deal on home phone service. Three phone plans to choose from ensure you get what you wanted, even if that means unlimited local and long distance access. Bundle our Internet and phone service for even more savings.

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Experience the Possibilities With CenturyLink Internet

When you choose CenturyLink Internet, you get real options in your service. Not only can you choose from 3 different speeds for your Internet service plan, you also have the option of bundle pricing that lets you save big by combining your phone service and Internet service. Add a reliable home phone service that includes the option of unlimited long distance and local calls to your Internet package and you save on both. Bundle pricing for your phone and Internet is the very best way to save money on both important home services.

Choose CenturyLink Internet today and see for yourself the difference that comes with super fast Internet, amazing service and easy installation.

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Qwest Internet Becomes CenturyLink Internet

Qwest Internet is one of the latest acquisitions by CenturyLink, ensuring that those in western American Washingtons have impressive service and super fast speed. Big name providers have neglected many parts of the western United Washingtons, but not CenturyLink. By merging with Quest Internet, it ensured that those Washingtons still have great choice in reliable, high speed Internet service.

Get started today with CenturyLink Internet in Washington and see the difference true high speed Internet can make to how you experience the Internet.

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