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CenturyLink Home Phone Service Keeps Your Reliably Connected

CenturyLink home phone service offers you an affordable and reliable phone service that gives you complete peace of mind. While many people are doing away with home phones, there is always the lingering doubt of what happens in case of emergency. That concern is easily calmed with an affordable home phone service from CenturyLink that can be counted no in bad weather or in case of power outages. You emergency connection to the world is always on with CenturyLink home phone service.

Uncover Exciting Options From CenturyLink Home Phone

No two homes are alike and for that reason CenturyLink home phone service offers you different plans, so no matter what your needs and priorities, there is an ideal solution for you.

  • The Basic plan is a traditional landline phone service, which includes local phone calls and also has an included voice mail option. It is perfect for the minimalist who simply wants an inexpensive home phone service for emergencies.
  • The Plus plan offers you more of the extras you have come to expect with home phone service, like call waiting, call forwarding, last call return, caller ID, voice mail and more. It even has a distinctive ring option available. This plan includes local calls and pay-as-you-go long distance, making it a great choice for anyone who makes long distance calls only on occasion.
  • The Unlimited plan gives you everything the Plus plan offers as well as unlimited long distance phone calls in the United States. For users who regularly make long distance calls from home, this multi-feature plan is ideal.

The International Calling Plan Connects You to Your World

Staying connected is even more important when loved ones are in another country. CenturyLink home phone service is the perfect solution for anyone who has friends and family outside the United States. Cell phone plans get pricey fast when it comes to International calling, but CenturyLink makes it affordable to stay in touch. You can call any of over 100 countries whenever you want with the International calling plan. Special plans are also available specifically for Canada, and for Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

A reliable, crystal clear connection awaits you with CenturyLink home phone service. Don’t worry about dropped calls or poor reception anymore. Take comfort in knowing that you will stay connected to emergency help in any situation. Always-on home phone service also gives you additional options in home security systems, as there are many that require landlines. Bundle your home phone service with the CenturyLink Internet service and save more than you thought possible.

Get connected now with the phone service you can depend on when you need it.