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CenturyLink Internet: Revolutionizing the Internet with Speed

Experience the web in a whole new way with CenturyLink Internet. High speed Internet is needed in order to keep up with everything the Internet offers today and CenturyLink ensures that no matter where you live you get that high speed connection. Three million customers strong, CenturyLink Internet is always connected, delivering constant speed and a secure connection.

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CenturyLink Internet Offers You More Exciting Features and Benefits

Only CenturyLink offers you the very best in high speed Internet options throughout the country. Combining affordability and high quality service has made them the top in choice and satisfaction. You get the option of three different speeds with actual available speed differing depending on where you live. Many parts of the country can even get CenturyLink download speeds of up to 40Mbps.

With high speed Internet you can enjoy the many conveniences of the Internet:

  • Stream uninterrupted media, like videos and music
  • Browse the net in real time
  • Use email and social media quickly and with no wait
  • Enjoy online gaming without delays.

With high quality CenturyLink, you have the security and convenience of:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • A 30-day trial period
  • Web TV options
  • Simple installation you do yourself
  • Online security options that include data backup
  • Email service included
  • Online account access so ease of management.
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CenturyLink Internet Features

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Qwest Internet: The Latest Addition to the CenturyLink Internet Family

Qwest Internet has recently been acquired by CenturyLink Internet. Those familiar with Qwest Internet will be happy to learn that CenturyLink is committed to high quality service, bundle packaging and offering products that meet or exceed anything previously offered by Qwest. In fact CenturyLink speeds surpass those of Quest Internet. Residents of western U.S. states need not wonder which ISP is best for them now. CenturyLink is the answer.

Uncover Better Pricing Than The Competition

When you choose CenturyLink Internet, you get real options in your service. Not only can you choose from 3 different speeds for your Internet service plan, you also have the option of bundle pricing that lets you save big by combining your phone service and Internet service. Add a reliable home phone service that includes the option of unlimited long distance and local calls to your Internet package and you save on both. Bundle pricing for your phone and Internet is the very best way to save money on both important home services.

Choose CenturyLink Internet today and see for yourself the difference that comes with super fast Internet, amazing service and easy installation.